In L2ESports, we've designed exclusive Epic Bosses with a focus on creating PvP instances and as an additional alternative for farming Epic Jewels.

Xayassandel was a Dark Elf, one of the oldest and most powerful of her kind. From her youth, she displayed an innate talent for dark magic, leading her to be chosen for training by the wisest and most powerful masters of her people. As time passed, Xayassandel became a formidable dark sorceress, capable of controlling shadows and summoning the most dreaded demons.

But Xayassandel had always craved more power. In her quest to become the mightiest of all Dark Elves, her obsession with dark power led her to lose her sanity, causing havoc in the world of Lineage 2.

The inhabitants of the known lands feared her name, and it was said that Xayassandel was immortal, having discovered the secret of eternal life, making her feared by all.

The heroes of the known lands gathered to end Xayassandel's tyranny. After many battles, they managed to locate her secret lair, a fortress deep within the dark forest, where they fought her in an epic final battle, ultimately defeating her.

In her final agony, Xayassandel cursed the heroes, swearing that her death would not be the end of her revenge.

Recently, rumors have spread that the fortress deep within the dark forest has begun to glow with an ominous light, and the shadows surrounding it have taken on a life of their own. Some say that Xayassandel's curse has reawakened, and she has grown even more powerful, with the ability to absorb the powers of her enemies, striking terror into those who dare to challenge her.


  • Xayassandel's Lair is a clean zone, meaning that when you enter the zone, your enchant armor and weapon powers are automatically deactivated, leaving them at +0. Epic Jewel abilities and hero skills are also disabled.

  • Access to Xayassandel's zone is only granted to parties or channel commanders, with the Party or CC Leader being the only one authorized to transport players to the Epic Zone.


Upon defeating Xayassandel, you have a chance to obtain a Zaken Earring or a Frintezza's Necklace randomly, along with other significant rewards.

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