Grand Opening

The Stronghold Zone is an area that activates randomly in various parts of the map. Inside, you will encounter special mobs that take control of the area. When this area activates, three teleport points are enabled as the only means of access.

In these areas, you will have the opportunity to obtain Rebirth Crowns as rewards, which will be useful for your Rebirth, along with LifeStone Fragments that you can exchange for TOP Grade Lifestone 76. Additionally, you will gain experience and adena.

When considering the Stronghold Zones, please keep the following in mind:

- Autofarm cannot be activated in these areas.
- You can only enter through the teleport points available on the Community Board.
- If you leave the zone boundaries, you will be sent back to the city.
- The use of Dualbox is not allowed in these zones.
- These zones are PvP combat areas.

Below are some of the Stronghold Zones that will be activated.




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