In L2ESports, there are only 1 siegable castle, Aden.

Conquering the Aden Castle will grant attack stats to all Clan members.


  • The siege duration is 2 hours.

  • Recall upon death / unstuck / being kicked from the area is in Aden.

  • Travel to Aden is unrestricted through Gatekeepers.

  • The Castles will be defended by NPCs until a clan successfully takes over and positions themselves as the defending Clan.

  • Walls can only be attacked by Siege Golems and Master Cannons (It takes about 10 hits with a summon skill to destroy a wall). Strider Siege Assault is not enabled.

  • All doors can be attacked by all players. Player-to-player resurrection is 100% disabled; only Salvation or Phoenix can be used to revive in the siege zone.

  • Holy artifact casting time: 3 minutes (No matter the additional conditions, always 3 minutes).

  • The teleport time to the castle (.castle) increases based on the number of crystals destroyed.


  • When the leader is logged in, they will have a passive that boosts the base stats for all clan members.

  • 4 Legendary Clan Wyverns will be granted to the winner. They can only be summoned and used by members of a clan that owns a Castle.

  • The leader of the victorious clan will have the .summonclan command in neutral areas to call clan members to their position.



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