- You can have 10 subclasses and duplicate your main class to have a low-level subclass for Queen Ant.

- You won't need to do a quest; you'll only need the 3 Scepters Kernon, Hallate, and Golkonda, plus the Orbe de Cabrio. We've added direct teleport to subclass Raidbosses.

3rd Class

- You'll need to collect 700 Marks of Halisha in the Shrine of Loyalty area. No quest required.


- The noblesse quest is retail. 

Alliance for The Varka and Ketra

- Totems from Varka and Ketra quests can be acquired with Vote Coins

- Autofarm can only be used on 1 character per IP.

- When you activate autofarm, the buff duration will automatically decrease to 60 minutes.

- Autofarm is automatically disabled if you enter combat mode or cast a skill with another character from the same IP (you can't have 2 characters farming or in PvP at the same time).

- Autofarm can only be activated in non-PvP zones.

- Weekly Olympiad period.
- Defensive stats in crown and enchant on weapons according to the server's progress.
- To become a hero, you need a minimum of 9 fights, with 3 of them won.
- Anti-closed system.
- Skill reuse is reset in each fight.
- 1+1 active + passive Augments.
- 2 hours of daily Olympiad in the evening.
- We've added a display of registered players on the Olympiad manager's main page. This allows you to see the players still fighting in the arenas.

TOP 7% / 10% with VIP Bonus

In L2ESports, you can only obtain TOP Lifestones 76. High, mid, and normal stones have been disabled.

- Obtaining TOP Lifestones will be through exclusive farming zones and events.

In L2ESports, we have Team vs. Team, Deathmatch, Chaotic Zones, Party Farm, and Tournaments events.

All events award event coins and Mystery Boxes with adena dop, blood coins, bews, beas, ews and Top 76 Lifestone. Party Farm and Chaotic Zone also grant additional adena, experience, and TOP Lifestone.

Queen Ant

- Low PvP (level 48 maximum)


- Channel Commander (The Channel Commander's Leader enters all players, and all players must be in the area)

- 2 Parties minimum / 10 Parties maximum


- The Zaken door opens at the start of the window period and closes 15 minutes after the Epic Boss appears.


- Clear Zone. Drop: Zaken Earring or a Frintezza's Necklace at random

- The Party Leader enters the players into the zone.

- The teleport to the zone activates when the Epic Boss window period begins

- An additional 15 seconds are added for teleporting to the Epic Boss zone.


- Clear Zone Drop: Refined Earring of Orfen or a Refined Ring of Core at random

- The Party Leader enters the players into the zone.

- The teleport to the zone activates when the Epic Boss window period begins

- An additional 15 seconds are added for teleporting to the Epic Boss zone.


- The Grand Boss appears every week.

- The TOI zone becomes a PvP at the start of the window period.

- Once the Grand Boss wakes up, all players outside the Baium zone are automatically transported to the city.

Antharas and Valakas

- The Grand Bosses Antharas and Valakas appear every 15 days.

- The Antharas Lair and FOG zones become a PvP at the start of the window period.

VIP 28 days

VIP is activated per character.

- Increases experience, adena, drop, and spoil rates (except raid/epic bosses)

- +5% enchant rate - Receives rewards in 9 vs. 9 Tournaments even if you lose.

- +3% chance of augment

- VIP Chat with the symbol "-" every 5 minutes, which will appear automatically in Discord.

- Ability to write from Discord using the /vip_msg command to the game and vice versa.

- Use Buffer, GK, and Shop from the Community Board ALT+B

- Access to Hot Springs Buffs


- Enables all options of the 28-day VIP

- Grants x2 Drop of Rebirth Crowns.

The server offers 3 languages (English / Spanish / Portuguese) that you can select using the .menu command.

Skill ress

- 2 minutes only to clan members.

Mana Potions

- 4 seconds Reuse

Dominator Subclass

- You can choose a Dominator subclass with any main class.

Race Change

- You can choose any race regardless of your main class. This only changes your character's appearance.

Main Class Change

- You can change your Main Class.

Copy and Delete Buffs

- You can copy buffs from a clan/party member to the Buffer. You can click on a character or party member regardless of their proximity.

- You can delete buffs with ALT+ Left-click on the buff you want to remove.

No Carrier

- If the client loses connection with the server, the character's title changes to "Disconnected" and remains online. The player can reconnect to the server within a specific time (1 minute), remaining in the area and party. This system does not make you immortal, so if you disconnect in PK mode, those following you can kill you.

Epic Boss Calendar in Giran

- We have added an NPC for Epic Bosses with the date and time of appearance in the entrances of the Giran Church.

L2ESport Security

- We have integrated an anti-bot security system that prevents the use of bots for quests.

Community Board


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