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Noticias Rebirth System

The time has come to level up! 🚀

In L2ESports, we introduce the Rebirth System, which allows you to choose an exclusive skill for your subclass and increase your power.

You can access this system from the Community Board ALT+B > Rebirth.

In each subclass, you can reach up to 3 levels of Rebirth, allowing you to select one skill in each of them. Each skill will provide you with a 5% boost.

The available skills are:


To perform a Rebirth, you must meet the following requirements:

- Be Noble
- Be Level 80

- Have 3 subclasses completed
- Collect 1000 Rebirth Crowns (you must be level 80).


Where to obtain Rebirth Crowns?


Rebirth Crowns can be obtained in Stronghold PvP Zones and by defeating Raid, Epic, and Grand Bosses.

- In Stronghold PvP Zones, you obtain Rebirth Crowns by killing mobs in the area.
- In Raid Bosses, each party member who lands the final blow will receive 1 Rebirth Crowns.
- In Epic Bosses like Core, Orfen, Queen Ant, Zaken, Frintezza, Cofen, and Xayassandel, each party member who lands the final blow will receive 5 Rebirth Crowns.
- In Grand Bosses like Baium, Antharas, and Valakas, each party member who lands the final blow will receive 10 Rebirth Crowns.
- The daily limit for collecting Rebirth Crowns is 100. You won't be able to obtain more after reaching this daily quota, whether by defeating Raid Bosses, Epic Bosses, or in farming zones. Additionally, they are quest items and, therefore, not tradeable.



When you reach 1000 Rebirth Crowns and perform a Rebirth on a subclass, please consider the following:

- Your subclass will return to level 1.
- Experience rates will decrease considerably, making leveling up slower.
- You will lose all enchanted skills you have in the subclass you chose for Rebirth.
- Learned buff slots will be retained.
- Rebirth skills are not considered in Olympiads. Olympiads remain in retail format.



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