Grand Opening

Every so often, an event will be announced in which Lilith and her subjects will take control of an area of the map, turning it into a chaotic zone of high risk and great rewards.

Eliminate all enemies as quickly as you can, but you won't be able to do it alone. Gather your friends and together reclaim control of the zone. To access the zone, the party leader must use the teleport and click on "Party Farm." Once done, a countdown will begin, directing you to the chaotic area.

These zones are "Clear," so your enchantment powers, jewels, and augments will be deactivated, leaving you on equal footing with all other players who decide to try their luck in this challenge.

By defeating the enemies, you will receive rewards such as Lifestone Fragments, Event Coins, experience, and adena.

To completely regain control of the Zone, you will need to confront Lilith, who will appear after a certain farming period. Defeat her and you will receive significant rewards, and after a while, the zone will return to normal.

Let your adventure in Lineage 2 ESport begin!

Drop info: Lilith:
1 S-grade weapon + 1 S-grade chest + 1 BEAS / BEWS / BEAA + Zephyr Coins


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