Grand Opening

Introducing the L2ESports CLUB!

At L2ESports, our community grows every day thanks to the solid support of our players, who fuel the vitality, expansion, and stability of our community over time.

Through our constant monitoring of the digital world, we have observed how some players invest their time in creating professional content related to PvP. This effort not only indirectly contributes to increasing the visibility of our server but also significantly fosters its growth.

That's why the idea of ​​the L2ESports CLUB emerges, as a tribute to the effort, dedication, and professionalism that content creators demonstrate in their YouTube videos or live streams.

The recognition of the L2ESports CLUB offers a series of exclusive benefits:

- Official L2ESports CLUB badge.
- Exclusive multimedia material to enhance their creations.
- Monthly Platinum VIP.
- Exclusive legendary skin for L2ESports CLUB members.
- Multimedia support to improve the quality of their visual elements.

To qualify for this recognition, creators must meet certain requirements:

- Have a minimum of 6 visible contents on their broadcasting channels, counted in the Latam Season and Immortal Seasons.
- Maintain a standard of quality in the editing, image, and audio of their content.
- Include the server's name in the title of their creations.

Membership in the L2ESports CLUB requires ongoing commitment:

- Maintain a minimum of 6 monthly contents on their content channels.
- Incorporate the L2ESports CLUB badge into their content.
- Include the server's name in the titles of their creations.
- For streamers, display the L2ESports CLUB branding in their streams.

It is important to note that the L2ESports CLUB operates with transparency:

This recognition is strictly limited to the mentioned benefits and does not interfere with the gameplay or grant special privileges to its members. All members must comply with the server's regulations and may be sanctioned for any violations.

The L2ESports CLUB is not part of the L2ESports staff administration.

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