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Noticias Epic Boss Cofen

In the depths of The Giant's Caves, monsters gave birth to Cofen, a formidable creature destined to safeguard their dark realm. However, the darkness that nurtured him eventually corrupted his essence. Cofen became malevolent, and he plotted a sinister purpose: to eradicate all forms of life in Lineage 2, a fate darker than any other.

Brave heroes rose against the threat of Cofen, fighting steadfastly in epic battles. In a seemingly decisive confrontation, they managed to confine Cofen deep within the caverns. Yet, his power was such that he would periodically be reborn, unleashing chaos with each resurrection.

Cofen remained trapped in an eternal cycle of rebirth and weakening. The heroes, however, uncovered the truth behind his origin: the ancient dark gods had created Cofen as the ultimate weapon, and his blood was tied to Shilen, one of the most powerful beings in Lineage 2. This revealed his kinship with the very forces that had unleashed him.

Cofen's presence has become a dark legend and an ongoing struggle to protect the world of Lineage 2.


  • Cofen Lair is a clean zone, meaning that when you enter the zone, your enchant armor and weapon powers are automatically deactivated, leaving them at +0. Epic Jewel abilities and hero skills are also disabled.

  • Access to Cofen zone is only granted to parties or channel commanders, with the Party or CC Leader being the only one authorized to transport players to the Epic Zone.


Upon defeating Cofen, you have a chance to obtain a Refined Earring of Orfen or a Refined Ring of Core randomly, along with other significant rewards.

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