Grand Opening


Every so often during gameplay in Lineage 2 Esport, a message will appear announcing that a chaotic zone will begin shortly. Within this zone, individual power is what matters, so you'll need to showcase all your skills as a solo player to face the challenges that await you.

As soon as the chaotic zone is activated, the map turns completely red, and you can access this zone through the chaotic zone teleport.

A countdown will appear that will lead us to the zone. These zones are clear, so your enchantments, jewels, and augments will be deactivated, putting you on equal footing with all other players who decide to test their luck in this challenge.

Just as you cannot form parties, provide assistance or healing, and you won't be able to identify an ally since your name will disappear, and your appearance will be identical to that of all the other players in the Chaotic Zone.

By defeating enemies, you'll receive rewards such as Lifestone Fragments, Event Coins, experience, and adena.

At the end of the chaos, the mobs will disappear, and you'll have to engage in PvP combat with all the players in the zone. If you achieve more eliminations, you'll receive an exclusive reward.

Let your adventure in Lineage 2 Esport begin!

The zone has an XP boost and the following drop list:

- LifeStone Fragments
- Event Coins
- Experience and Adena


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